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Rachel Beyer

Sensitive Heart Aromatherapy Candle - Floral & Citrus

Sensitive Heart Aromatherapy Candle - Floral & Citrus

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Rose geranium encourages emotional honesty, love and forgiveness. Lavender calms our insecurities and honors our true self-expression. Grapefruit connects us with our inner child and restores the connection to our true feelings.

Hand-poured with pure essential oils of rose geranium, lavender and grapefruit. Each candle is magically infused with peridot, rose quartz and rose petals.

Soy wax + cotton wick.

Please note that each candle is made by hand and slight variations do occur.

5oz tin size: 1 7/8 inches (depth) x 2 5/8 inches (diameter) 7oz tin size: 2 inches (depth) x 3 1/8 inches (diameter) 5oz burns for 30+ Hours 7oz burns for 40+ Hours

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