Akashic sound immersion with Rohini Moradi

Akashic sound immersion with Rohini Moradi

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Join us February 19th 6:00 to 7:30 to experience the mystical Akashic Realm with Akashic Sound Immersion. 


Led by Magic Inclined founder Rohini Moradi, and some very special guests, this event combines plant waves and sound frequency for a powerful connection to the Akashic Records, a repository of human experience and knowledge. 


Through guided meditation and live plant waves, access wisdom, guidance, and understanding. 


Unlock your mind, expand your consciousness, and discover your life's purpose. Join us for this transformative experience.

*come prepared to be comfortable; bring yoga mats, small chairs, pillows, blankets, loose clothes. Some chairs provided but very limited. 

** you will not receive a “ticket”, you will give your name at the counter upon entry to check in. 

Located at 4121 Piedmont ave oakland 

this is an indoor event, masks welcomed. Not required.