Läka Altar

Läka Altar

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Läka - “healing” in Swedish.

A space to rest your sage bundle or palo santo...light some incense, take some deep breathes, rest a moment and stretch your limbs...decorate with dried flowers... or a fresh flower you find on a walk...for your votive candle...adorn with earth treasures, reflect on their beauty and PAUSE in gratitude... Speckled clay body with cloud white glaze.
These larger altars measure: ~5 1/4" base and 5 1/4" tall Hand built, glazed and fired in SLO, Ca.

All glazes are lead free.

Given the unique nature of the pieces being sold, the photos and any measurements listed have been used to portray, in general, the item. Slight differences in size and shape are not considered flaws. Variations inherent in the handmade process are to be expected.