Turquoise Eye Carry-all Silk Tote

Turquoise Eye Carry-all Silk Tote

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Wolf & Willa - Carry-all Tote

color: Turquoise Eye

size:   23in. x 17in. 

This unstructured carry all bag is beautiful and casual. Perfect for runs to the beach, store, or day to day life. Cotton interior, two large interior pockets, and a magnetic closure. These silk velvet Ikat bags are completely hand-crafted start to finish. Silk is boiled over an open fire, hand dyed, then hand woven on a small loom all in Uzbekistan, then hand sewn in Istanbul. 

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to the handmade nature of these bags the color and pattern placement may vary. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind piece of art with its own idiosyncrasy and character!