Workshop ✿ Staying Connected with Ourselves and Others
Workshop ✿ Staying Connected with Ourselves and Others
Workshop ✿ Staying Connected with Ourselves and Others

Workshop ✿ Staying Connected with Ourselves and Others

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Sunday October 23rd 3:00 to 5:00
In Full Bloom Coaching x The Sunshine Prophecy Present: "Staying Connected with Ourselves & Others"
Join us for an experiential workshop and community gathering in celebration of the Autumn Equinox. We will gather in our back garden for an evening of meditation, embodied practices, community gathering, and creative exploration.
Bring your own yoga mats and cushions to get cozy on as seating is limited. This will be an outdoor event so dress warmly! Masks are encouraged in close quarters.

About In Full Bloom Coaching
Jenn Pamela Chowdhury (she/her) is a personal development and leadership coach, and founder of In Full Bloom Coaching. Through her 12 week 1:1 private coaching program, professional development workshops and community events, she helps powerful leaders access the freedom to become more self aware and self responsive daily, so they can lead more authentic, boundaried, and loving lives.

She's helped her clients find their own authentic voices; learn to embrace change and find safety within their bodies; alchemize their anger, shame and resentment into sources of wisdom; listen and honor their deepest desires; launch new initiatives, careers, projects and much more. 

Her tools and teachings have led to new career paths; powerful conversations with managers, family members, and peers; the activation of personal healing journeys; creative projects; the release of deeply held old stories and limiting beliefs and more.

A first generation Bangladeshi American immigrant, Jenn writes and speaks regularly about the human spirit, healing, embodied leadership, immigration, mental health, social justice, poetry and other topics for Medium and her work has been featured in Thrive Global, Barnard Magazine, in the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics and at social impact organizations around the world. 

Jenn is a native New Yorker from Brooklyn and loves calling Oakland her new home. A social impact professional, she moonlights as a lead storyteller at Destiny Arts Center, an Oakland-based nonprofit that inspires and ignites social change through the arts. 


Connect with her by email (, follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram, and join In Full Bloom’s community
Workshop ✿ Staying Connected with Ourselves and Others