The Sunshine Prophecy is dedicated to reframing the way we shop and support thriving economies outside of normative capitalist concepts. This means putting an end to the purchasing of mass-produced items, seasonal trends, and plastic wrapped fast fashion, instead focusing on deeply meaningful objects, built to last, building interdependent relationships, and yes - buying less *gasp!*


The focus first and foremost is connection, sharing, playful exploration and care for self and others. We take the act of ritual to be of utmost importance, which for us is created when objects and spaces are imbued with a deeper story and personal meaning, creating a relationship between person, piece, and place.

We keep a strong focus on small-scale sustainable makers and companies, and whenever possible choose to support women/queer/POC/trans owned and operated businesses.

Organic, biodynamic and low impact products that maintain beneficial practices and sustainable connections to the earth as mother are imperative and unwavering.

We provide a safe space for classes, workshops and events that can further engage and interact with our core principles. 

 Our curated vintage collection comes from our collective of direct buyers, most of whom also work in the shop. We believe this brings a unique quality to the care and commitment of our shop selection.

Welcome to The Sunshine Prophecy.

Our current Vintage Collective consists of:

Pinkies World

Tender Buttons

Heads or Tails

Candy Coated