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Sitti Social Enterprise

Palestinian Kuffiyeh (Multiple Color Options)

Palestinian Kuffiyeh (Multiple Color Options)

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Uncover a piece of history with Sitti's Palestinian Kuffiyehs! 🇵🇸 These kuffiyehs, woven with tradition and resilience, are not just accessories, they're symbols of heritage. Handcrafted with Tassels in Jordan, each Kuffiyeh speaks volumes of a rich cultural tapestry. Rare finds in today's market, they sell out in the blink of an eye! Perfect for making a statement at protests or as a bold fashion statement, keep one handy in your car for any occasion. Made in Jordan.

Color Options:

Black and White Kuffiyeh with Tassels

Red, Green and Black with Tassels

Red and White Kuffiyeh with Tassels.

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