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Spirit Speak

Vessel Oracle Deck

Vessel Oracle Deck

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"A bright and whimsical oracle deck consisting of 35 cards. The name comes from the idea that our heart is a vessel, containing our deepest of feelings. That’s what these cards represent, feelings and emotions that past through us and call for our attention". From the endlessly talented hands and magical brain of artist Mary Evans.

Consisting of simple themes, such as; love, healing, light, and, communication, these cards do not need in depth research and devoted dedication. Instead they can be used by anyone, even a child, although they do come with a simple booklet for card explanations.

Wonderful when pulled daily as a single card or for a three card spread. Oracle decks such as these can also be a great companion to tarot spreads, and this one would be especially complimentary with the Spirit Speak tarot.

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